Foot Safety Tips for the Beach

Summer time is in full swing. Who doesn’t love a nice getaway to the beach when the sun is nice and hot out? Spending time with friends and family at the beach is a great way to cool down. Make sure you are protecting your feet this summer. Read along to learn some quick tips on protecting your feet this summer while visiting the beach.

  • Use Sunscreen : Apply sunscreen to the top and bottom of feet, also in between the toes to protect your feet from harmful sunrays. Feet can get sunburn too and applying sunscreen decreases the risk of getting melanoma and other skin cancers.
  • Don’t go barefoot:

Wear sandals, flip flops, or other types footwear to protect from getting a puncture or wound from various things at the beach such as shells, broken glass, or other sharp objects.

While walking, jogging, or playing sports wear appropriate athletic shoes to cushion the heel and support the arch.

  • Perform foot checks after you leave the beach: Check your foot for wounds or punctures. Then clean your feet thoroughly with soap and water and dry your feet, including between the toes.
  • Don’t share towels: Sharing towels is the easiest way to pass bacteria and possibly fungus from one person to another

It is important that you keep your feet safe from any harm this summer, especially when making a visit to the beach! Keep these precautions in mind when making a trip to the beach.

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