Spring is Here!

Its only the beginning of March and the temperature feels like spring. This is the season that we start to venture out and start exercising outside, going to the parks and just enjoying the outdoors. As you make the transition look at your shoes to make sure they are not worn out and check your arch supports.

BellaRoy arch supports

Many times arch supports can carry you longer in the shoe so this is a good way to make you shoes last longer with good support.

How your foot interacts with the ground affects the entire body: from the ankle, to the knees, hips, lower back, and neck. As the first point of contact with each step we take, the shape and material of our footwear helps dictate how we move. Malalignment of the feet can lead to injury, overuse or conditions causing inflammation involving any of the bones, ligaments or tendons of the lower extremity.  It can also lead to poor shock absorbing at the feet which can transfer all the way up to the lower back.  This can lead to lower back pain causing lumbar nerve compression, disc disease and arthritis. Aligning the foot by supporting the subtalar joint prevents overpronation or oversupination which are the causes of many lower extremity problems.

You can order them online. https://renaissancefac.com/arch-supports/

If the shoes show wear in the heel or anywhere else, start looking at replacing the shoes. Poor foot gear is the common reason for injuries. Here are the newest from New Balance called the Fresh Foam X 880 V13. Although the Fuelcell Propel has been around, this shoe had some upgrades and a fresh look. They give plenty of shock absorption in a light weight shoe.

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