Show Your Feet Some Love!

Feet are so often overlooked but they require the same amount of attention and maintenance as the rest of our bodies. Here are some simple, yet incredibly important ways you can “show your feet some love!”

  1. Check them Every Day
    • Washing your feet every day is especially important in the upkeep of foot health. Washing them, helps prevent bacterial buildup that may lead to fungal infections or other preventable health issues. This is especially important for diabetic patients.
  2. Trim Your Toenails Carefully
    • Many ingrown nails are a direct result of improper nail trimming. By cutting your nails straight across and not down the sides, you decrease the possibility of infection in the nail bed.
  3. Keep Them Covered
    • Now (in the summer) more than ever, sweaty feet are extremely prevalent and can lead to odor development and fungal growth. By ALWAYS wearing socks with closed toed shoes you limit your chances of athletes foot. And when in public showers and walking around pools, wearing flip flops are extremely important to avoid being exposed to harmful bacterias.
  4. Workout
    • Workouts targeted specifically to the feet are so important in foot health. By increasing the strength and flexibility of your toes you can limit your possibility of injury. Some exercises include, standing up and wiggling your toes, making sure stretch each one of your toes up and down for 10 seconds. Or, you could also draw circles with your feet in the air while laying down or sitting.
  5. Wear the Right Shoes
    • One of the most harmful and painful things to do to your feet is wearing shoes that are not the right size. When your shows are too small it can lead to the development of corns or calluses which can only be treated with a trip to your local podiatrist.

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