Products to Help with Heel Pain

BellaRoy Arch Supports and Pads

Arch support uses a longitudinal arch support to prevent over pronation and contains three layers to enhance stability and structure of the foot. The three layers consist of an anti-microbial top layer to reduce heat and slippage, a 3mm foam middle layer with a rigid polypropylene shell and a black reinforced EVA bottom layer.

BellaRoy arch pads are a discreet way to transform your casual shoes into a more supportive shoe. When a supportive insole is not able to fit into your casual shoes such as loafers, ballerina flats, sandals, etc, these arch pads will provide the necessary arch support. The curved shape will cradle your arch and the adhesive backing fits most styles securely.

All Bella Roy Foot Wellness products are available for purchase at our office.

Custom Made Orthotics

Custom-made orthotics are medical shoe inserts that support and gently reposition the heel, arch, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones in the feet. Orthotics enable the structures in the foot to work together as nature intended, making each step pain-free. By doing so, custom orthotics improve the structure of the foot and help prevent bone misalignment, as well as tendon and ligament fatigue. As your foot strikes the ground, orthotics within the shoe gently direct the structure into the correct position so as to reduce pain and stop inflammation.

Following a physical exam and diagnosis of the condition, your podiatrist may recommend orthotics as part of the treatment plan. There are several methods that can be used to cast a mold or create an image of your foot—from computer guided and laser imaging to just a normal cast. Once the image or cast has been taken, they are sent to a medical lab to be created.

Vionic Sandals

Vionic sandals have arch support already inserted into the sandals which allows for pain free days. They are fashionable and functional shoes that not only help with foot pain during these long summer days but also keep you looking stylish and fashion forward.

“Vionic Shoes Provide Ultimate Arch Support For a Difference You Can Feel.” In the Renaissance Foot and Ankle Office we sell the everyday “Tide Toe Post Sandal” as well as the “Relax Slippers” for both men and women.

See a course of treatment that catches your eye, call us at (301) 441-2655 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors or pick up one of these products in order to treat your Heel Pain!

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