Pediatrics and Orthotics!

A child’s foot is constantly changing and it’s important to look out for any abnormalities especially if they cause pain.  Our feet are the foundation for support so it’s important to make sure they are progressing properly.  When that support isn’t stable, that affects the posture and development of your child’s lower musculoskeletal system.  In our practice we see this quite often.  One way we work to treat while also trying to prevent future problems is with custom orthotics.  Orthotic are custom made insoles that directly tackle the cause of the instability.  

Reasons Your Child May Need Orthotics

  • Growing Pains: Usually in the legs can cause balance and walking issues especially for those kids that play competitive sports.  
  • Flat Feet: Although is it common in young children and decreases with age, an assessment by our doctors will led to proper evaluation of the severity of the flat feet.  When flat feet are severe or cause problems 
  • Joint Hypermobility Syndrome: A connective tissue disorder that causes loose joints and instability
  • Metatarsus Adductus: The long bones of feet are angled in more than they should be which need to be addressed before they fully develop. 
  • Intoeing: This is a problem that is caused at the hip level but visible at the ankle and feet .  

These are just few of the concerns that can be addressed with custom orthotics. 

If you’re wondering if a custom orthotic is the right choice for your child, schedule an appointment today and we’ll make a treatment plan that works for your family!

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