New Nails with Keryflex

Summertime is rapidly approaching. Do you want to wear flip flops/sandals and show off your toes but can’t because your nails are damaged, bruised, or brittle? Well Keryflex Nail Restoration might be the answer you are looking for.

Keryflex Nail Restoration System is an alternative to acrylic nails. While the application process is similar to that of gel nail polish, the results are less damaging. Keryflex is a safe cosmetic enhancement procedure. The enhancement of the nails are immediate. It only takes one visit to get your nails looking right!

You may be thinking to yourself: Why should I try Keryflex? Here is a list of some benefits that come with having a Keryflex restorative procedure:

  1. Looks and feels natural
  2. Keryflex nail bends with the natural movement of toes / feet
  3. Will not further damage or irritate underlying nail or skin
  4. Allows for the remaining toe nail to continue growing naturally
  5. It is very durable
  6. Nail restoration can be done in a single visit

Keryflex works by applying a resin material which is hardened by a bonding light. Once the resin material is bonded, the foot care provider smooths and shapes the nail so that it appears natural. Keryflex can only be applied by a medical professional. Speak with your podiatrist about your toenail concerns and if Keryflex is the right treatment for you.

If you are interested or want to find out more information about the Keryflex Nail Restoration system feel free to give our office a call at (301) 441-2655 !

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