Corns and Calluses

What are Corns and Calluses?

Corns and calluses are the bodies response to friction or pressure on the skin of your feet. The pressure caused by the shoe rubbing causes the affected area of skin to thicken. The skin hardens and builds up. The reason for this is protect the foot from unusual pressure. In most cases corns and calluses are not harmful but there is possibility of the corns or calluses to become infected, destroy healthy tissue, or affect foot movement. With the help from your podiatrist corns and calluses can be controlled.

Physical Examination

Your podiatrist will check your feet for skin changes, such as red areas, blisters, and warts. As part of the physical examination they will also look for corns and calluses. Your doctor will check in between the toes for corns as well.


Corns can range from a slight thickening of skin to a painful, hard bump. They often form on top of buckled toe joints (hammer toes). They may grow on the tip of your toes. You can also get a corn on the end of a toe if it rubs against your shoes often. They can also grow in between the toes..


A callus may spread across the ball of the foot. This type of callus is usually due to a metatarsal (long bone at base of toe) problem. A pinch callus may grow along the outer edge of the heel or big toe. Some calluses press up into the foot instead of spreading on the outside.


For mild corns and calluses reducing friction may help. Trying different shoes or soft pads can also help reduce friction. In severe cases treatment of tissue buildup may require your podiatrist’s care. Sometimes custom-made shoe inserts are prescribed to reduce friction and pressure.

  • Shoe Change – shoes with more toe room are less likely to cause pressure/friction.
  • Podiatrist Visit – your doctor may trim away the layers of skin that make of the corn or callus.
  • Custom-Made Orthotics – shoe inserts that are specially designed for your feet – they cushion the calluses and divert pressure away from the problematic area.

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