Ankle Sprains

Ankle injuries differ in type and severity. When you hurt your ankle, it important to identify whether the injury is to the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) or the bone. The location of the injury determines how long to treat it and how aggressive the treatment should be.

Any pain after an injury that lasts more than four to five days is a serious one and needs medical attention. Many of our patients have been seen at urgent care centers and diagnosed with ankle sprains but do not follow up with a podiatrist. Ankle sprains can cause more long term problems than a fracture and need to be followed up closely. Also, the risk of re-injury is high without appropriate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

We can order the proper imaging studies including MRIs and treat with boots and braces so that you can return to full activities without pain. Call us if you have ankle pain that is not improving.

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