We understand that our patients don’t always have the time to come see us at our office about their foot problems because of their busy lives, check out this easy 18 pointers about common foot problems that might help you with yours.

“You can detect everything from diabetes to nutritional deficiencies just by examining the feet,”says Jane Andersen, DPM, president of the American Association of Women Podiatrists and a spokeswoman for the American Podiatric Medical Association.

The lowly left and right provide plenty of insightful data: Together they contain a quarter of the body’s bones, and each foot also has 33 joints; 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments; and countless nerves and blood vessels that link all the way to the heart, spine, and brain.

Unresolved foot problems can have unexpected consequences. Untreated pain often leads a person to move less and gain weight, for example, or to shift balance in unnatural ways, increasing the chance of falling and breaking a bone.

So when the feet send one of these 18 warning messages, they mean business.

1. Hairless feet or toes

2. Toenails with slightly sunken, spoon-shaped indentations

3. Frequent foot cramping (charley horses)

4. A sore that won’t heal on the bottom of the foot

5. Cold feet

6. Thick, yellow, downright ugly toenails

7. A suddenly enlarged, scary-looking big toe

8. Numbness in both feet

9. Sore toe joints

10. Pitted toenails

11. Being unable to raise the foot upward from the heel

12. Dry, flaky skin

13. Toes that turn patriotic colors

14. Feet that are really painful to walk on

15. Toes that bump upward at the tips.

16. Shooting pain in the heel

17. “Phee-uuuuw!” (bad odor)

18. Old shoes

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